2024 Bartle Pre-Order T-Shirts

Receive a discount when your Troop orders (ONE ORDER PER TROOP) on-line no later than Monday, May 6, 2024. Your order will be pre-packaged and waiting at the Trading Post in your camp. 

If you want the option to personalize your troop's 2024 Bartle tees; purchase your camp shirts from here and then provide Seen Merch a copy of your receipt for your camp shirts and the details to customize your shirts. You can use one of the stock designs or submit your own design. Go to www.seenmerch.com/bartle to download a custom order form. Please email Seen Merch at contact@seenmerch.com if you have any questions.

Orders will not be accepted after Monday, May 6th.  Your troop will need to buy Camp T-shirts at camp.